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How Long Does a Home Inspection Take?

What determines how long a home inspection will take?

There is no exact answer as to how long a home inspection will take. Every home is different, and there are several factors that can determine how long the inspection will take. Some of the key factors that affect the length of the home inspection are:

Size of the Home

For an average sized home (1,500 - 2,000) square feet, it will typically take us 2-3 hours on site, with additional time to complete the inspection report. For homes larger or smaller, the time will adjust accordingly.

Age of the Home

While older homes have plenty of character, they also tend to take a little longer to inspect since newer homes typically have fewer issues. Some of the additional inspection time may include older electrical wiring, plumbing, additions/ repairs made over the years, etc. Homes older than 50 years will typically add 30-45 minutes to the estimated inspection time.

Condition of the Home

A well-maintained home in excellent condition will take considerably less time to inspect than one that has been neglected or is in poor shape. This is because there are several more items to document and add to the inspection report in a neglected home than there are in a home that has been properly maintained.

Number of appliances/systems in the home

Small to average size homes usually have one water heater, electrical panel, etc. Larger homes may have multiple HVAC systems, electrical panels, water heaters, etc. to inspect. Inspecting these additional items will add time to the overall inspection.

Report Delivery

Our digital home inspection reports utilize a modern interface with high-quality photos and video that allows us to complete most, if not all, of the inspection report while on-site. Your inspection report will be available within 24 hours, and most often on the same day of the inspection.


There are many different factors that determine how long a home inspection will take. The items listed above will give you a good general idea of what to expect for your home inspection.

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